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Cliff's Notes for Weddings: Canned Wedding Toasts?!

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If you are chosen as the bride's maid or best man, what better way to show your authentic respect for them than to pay someone to give you a canned, pre-fabricated generic toast which you can memorize (or even read from cards) and deliver as your own during the wedding reception!

Someone get me a bucket.

As if to emphasize the incredible superficiality of this, they even hock other trinkets on the site too:

(crass image displayed)
As you raise a glass to toast the bride and groom, why not wow the audience with both your sparkling wit and your shiny cufflinks?...

Yeah, shiny, that's it.

Isn't a wedding supposed to be a celebration of the newly married couple and their friendship with all the guests? Since when do friends judge others based on their cufflinks? Or, for that matter, the grammar and diction of their toast?

Wednesday, February 28, 05:51 2007 GMT

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