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Jenna's wedding blog showcases just the kind of neurotic behavior that weddings can generate.

Sample quotes from her wedding blog:

Over the last couple of weeks I have noticed something. All I do all day is think about wedding plans. I don't know exacty when it started happening but I have a good feeling it won't be going away soon. I wake up at 4 in the morning wondering if I should order extra koozies or if the invitation font is ok.

How about the blog website? Oh my god!!! The RSS feed is the wrong color!!!!

I have spent the last 3 day labeling, sorting and filling 200 of the most perfect invitations I have ever seen! I was so excited when we picked them up from the printer on Wednesday. They were just like I had imagined them. Perfect!

What if they weren't perfect?

Tucker seems conspicuous by his absence from both websites. All we can say is: hang in there guy, we feel for ya.

Wednesday, February 28, 05:14 2007 GMT

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